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Re: FC2 release dates

> What better way to say i love you...than with a valentines fedora beta.
> Kiss me I'm Irish AND i run Fedora beta2.

This is obviously such a wonderful tag line for a beta announcement it
is painful.


> And the big PR winner. A release just before the USA tax-day...would
> mean you could get LUGs to burn cds and hand them out to the people
> standing in line at the big post-offices trying to get their taxes in
> under the wire. Can't you see the obvious PR spin involving the concept
> of unfair taxation and fedora linux as a generously offered solution to
> that emotional and economic heartache.

Gotta make sure gnucash is working though. ;)

> Successful volunteer movements typically have an eye out for useful PR
> opportunities. Maybe its not a driving force...but its a mitigating
> one....and something to think about.

Take another +1 for Gryffindor Mr Spaleta.


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