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Re: location of up2date cvs

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 12:25, seth vidal wrote:
> > The reason I ask is that i am working on a gui front end for a package
> > management system.  I wanted to know the current devel state of up2date.
> > 
> > My initial work is porting sysnaptic to python/pygtk.  How does the
> > development community feel about writing some of the wigets in C++ and
> > then wrapping them?  I am looking at doing this for reasons of
> > efficiency.
> > 
> > The package and dependency caches will be based closely on yum (if not
> > directly using yum code extended for interactive use)
> > 
> > On the back side I'm looking a the existing up2date code to allow
> > different types of repos to be read and down loaded.
> David,
>  This sounds like a great idea. A couple of ideas for you.
> 1. work on learning the redhat-config-packages infrastructure or at
> least understanding it.
I'm currently working on that.  It seems that one of the main reasons
cited for why linux is not ready for the desktop is the lack of a
cohesive gui config system.  The creation of fedora will hopefull help
the user community develop a unified gui config system that is available
GNU/Linux wide.

> 2. make tweaks to the ui and talk to katzj and bfox about them
> 3. be prepared for apt repos and yum repos to be the same thing,
> hopefully, in the future.
That is my feeling/hope.  The use of nevral is much more elegant that
the apt cache.  I've been looking into how to put together some sort of
kludge to convert the apt pkgcache into a nevral.

> -sv

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