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Re: FC2 release

seth vidal wrote:
> Gotta make sure gnucash is working though. ;)

crap...I hate you...you've totally made it impossible for me to get work
done today. I have a mounting FC2 todo list in my head now because of
you. It's worse than when i had rico suave stuck in my head for a week.

One thing i REALLY want to see as early as possible is to get the people
with accessibility concerns talking ASAP about a priority list of
concerns they want to see addressed in the next distro. Being blindsided
late in the last beta about lilo vs grub accessibility was totally

And I'm not saying the next release is going to a magical silver bullet
to solve accessibility problems...its a hard problem..and its one very
prone for communication disconnects, even though technical/development
people recognize it is important. I think a roadmap to on "focused"
accessibility cleanup longterm is something worth working on. Just
trying to have every package maintainer try to deal with accessibility
issues as they come up..is going to suck for everyone. But if there were
some priorities so people who understand accessibility issues could
start somewhere and work with a few developers at a time...and march
through the distro so that 3 or 4 releases from now not only is
accessibility a lot cleaner but there will be a real human development
process in place to keep accessibility from being something each
maintainer has to try to remember to deal with.

I want to see an accessibility focus/support group to be there in the
community to help developers deal with issues. And i want that
focus/support group to have a long term vision and a master plan to get
from here to there.

-jef"i also want my own jet pack"spaleta

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