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Re: FC2 release

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 14:22, Jef Spaleta wrote:
> seth vidal wrote:
> > Gotta make sure gnucash is working though. ;)
> crap...I hate you...you've totally made it impossible for me to get work
> done today. I have a mounting FC2 todo list in my head now because of
> you. It's worse than when i had rico suave stuck in my head for a week.

I could hum a few bars of 'ring of fire' if that would help at all ;)

> One thing i REALLY want to see as early as possible is to get the people
> with accessibility concerns talking ASAP about a priority list of
> concerns they want to see addressed in the next distro. Being blindsided
> late in the last beta about lilo vs grub accessibility was totally
> uncool.

Do we have a tracker bug open for a11y issues that are open in bugzilla?
If not - one would be handy.

> I want to see an accessibility focus/support group to be there in the
> community to help developers deal with issues. And i want that
> focus/support group to have a long term vision and a master plan to get
> from here to there.

I think the a11y people who hammered on gnome might even be welcome.


ps: I'm still gonna harp on:

beta1 - valentine's day
beta2 - st patrick's day
freeze - april fool's day (so suitable)
release - US tax day-eve

or  if 3 betas are better:

beta1 - Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day
(jan 16)
beta2 - valentine's day - feb 14
beta3 - st patrick's day - Mar 17
freeze - april fool's day - apr 1
release - US tax day-eve - apr 14

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