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Re: FC2 release dates

> I tend to agree, although they're test releases, not betas :-)

what's the distinction in nomenclature?

> I would personally prefer to get 2.6 out sooner rather than later.  To
> throw out something as an alternative plan for a faster release,
> something like the following for availability of milestones could work. 
> It's definitely a more aggressive suggestion :)
> Test1 - January 13
> Test2 - February 3
> Test3/RC - March 1
> GA - March 22

I liked the month between test releases better than 2 weeks. If only b/c
the installer(as you well know) will be less tested if there is less
time to sync test isos to do full reinstalls. And for a lot of people it
still takes about a day or 2 to get 3 isos.

And I think the installer+2.6+lvm/evms/etc will be more than enough pain
to iron out.

> Then, extrapolate back roughly a week earlier for freeze dates.  I'd
> love to actually get earlier, but that would require either less test
> releases (which strikes me as a bad idea for 2.6), less time between
> them (same) or getting test 1 out before Christmas (likely to be really
> really hard to pull off)

What's the motive to shorten up to end of March instead of Mid-April?
You'll start get bugs rolling in from the test releases for 2.6. I don't
think there will be any shortage. :)

and the dates you mention don't have humorous holiday jokes involved -
you've got to keep the important stuff in perspective! :)


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