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Re: FC2 release dates

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 19:19, seth vidal wrote:
> > I tend to agree, although they're test releases, not betas :-)
> what's the distinction in nomenclature?

It's on http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/terminology.html --
  To distinguish Red Hat Enterprise Linux's formal beta program from the
community-based testing of Fedora Core, we will use the term "test"  
  release instead of "beta" release to refer to test releases. 

> > I would personally prefer to get 2.6 out sooner rather than later.  To
> > throw out something as an alternative plan for a faster release,
> > something like the following for availability of milestones could work. 
> > It's definitely a more aggressive suggestion :)
> I liked the month between test releases better than 2 weeks. If only b/c
> the installer(as you well know) will be less tested if there is less
> time to sync test isos to do full reinstalls. And for a lot of people it
> still takes about a day or 2 to get 3 isos.

That's four weeks between all but test3 and final which is a slightly
shorter one.  Hopefully, having rawhide continually installable will
help get installer feedback sooner and allow people to test fixes much
sooner.  Also, being able to do graphical installs via FTP or HTTP
should be a nice help here as well.

> And I think the installer+2.6+lvm/evms/etc will be more than enough pain
> to iron out.

Oh, believe me... I have a pretty good idea of how much pain is involved

> > Then, extrapolate back roughly a week earlier for freeze dates.  I'd
> > love to actually get earlier, but that would require either less test
> > releases (which strikes me as a bad idea for 2.6), less time between
> > them (same) or getting test 1 out before Christmas (likely to be really
> > really hard to pull off)
> What's the motive to shorten up to end of March instead of Mid-April?
> You'll start get bugs rolling in from the test releases for 2.6. I don't
> think there will be any shortage. :)

Because people are already asking for 2.6 stuff now and test releases
aren't the same as an actual release.  That's basically the fastest
timeline I can come up with that I think can be hit and still have
something that's robust.


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