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Re: i18n issues, was: FC2 release

Red Hat's internal localization team still has a considerable backlog of work 
related to the Enterprise Linux 3 launch.  We are hoping by mid-December to 
be able to get back on track with the Fedora releases.

We are very excited by the strong support of community translators though, and 
hope to have the time soon to be able to better coordinate these efforts.


On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:34 am, Pedro Morais wrote:
> Another "acessibility" issue is internationalization; the current process
> isn't bad at all, but could be improved.
> I was unfortunately very busy during this beta period (only managed to
> follow the mailling lists and update portuguese translations), so I can't
> really complain, but I kept i18n stats at 100% at almost all tims, and
> certainly at the freeze point I'm sure that only the anaconda docs has a
> couple of untranlated, and still there are powerdown messages in english
> (in the middle of portuguese messages, so it's not a "too late for i18n
> issue") and, even worse, up2date/rhn_register is half translated/half in
> english.
> Clearly there's room for improvement.

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