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Re: Yum-able screen-4.0.1 test-only RPMS

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 08:51:25AM -0500, Lon Hohberger wrote:
> NOTE NOTE NOTE: If you test this package, you must also comment out the
> "stty erase `tput kbs`" line from your shell's rcfile.  Tcsh users, I am
> told, do not need to do this.

Ok, I've done this,

Whenever I start a brand new screen session (this does not happen when
attaching to a previous session), I get some kind of error message
flashing by the title bar on my terminal window (with both xterm and
gnome-terminal). It flashes by too quickly for me to comprehend the
entire error message.

Wait, let me try again from a Mac OS X "Jaguar" Terminal, and see if I
can copy-and-paste... Got it! Here's the message:

/etc/screenrc: bind: character, ^x, or (octal) \032 expected.

This is in fact the new /etc/screenrc from your new package. I did 'rpm
-e screen' and made sure there was no /etc/screenrc, before installing
your new package, just to make sure.

Other than this message, things seem fine so far!

-Barry K. Nathan <barryn pobox com>

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