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Re: Packages licenses

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:

> I have extracted the 'License' tag of all RH9 packages, sorry FC1 is not
> here yet. And I see a chaotic style, duplicates... A clearer policy and
> style should be used in Fedora.
> idea? Maybe, rpmbuild should check 'License' against a list of OSI
> compatible licenses, otherwise a -nocl (--noOSIcompatiblelicense) flag
> should be used to build it.

Having a flag like that is not likely, because some of the licenses may be
fine but not formally OSI-approved, and because the system used to build
the packages doesn't allow passing options such as -nocl.

You're right that there are many duplicates that could use fixing. Once it
is decided which license strings need to change, you can file patches in
bugzilla for all the ones that obviously need changing (e.g. s/Freely
distributable/Freely redistributable/i).

-- Elliot

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