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RPM submission script

The next point release of Bugzilla will include and support a script
called bug-bugzilla, written by Christian Reis and myself, that allows
posting of bugs without going through a Web interface.  You supply an
RFC822-like message on input instead.

Some may recall my urging that submission of RPMs for Fedora needs to
be scriptable.  I followed through by working with the Bugzilla crew
to build and document this tool.  The bug-bugzilla script is the
essential piece of infrastructure for scriptable RPM submissions to
happen.  It abstracts away the details of interacting with Bugzilla CGIs.

I therefore propose the following:

1. A bug-bugzilla RPM should become part of Fedora core.

2. I will write a fedora-submit script, which will call bug-bugzilla.

3. fedora-submit should become part of the Fedora RPM tools RPM, with
   a dependency on bug-bugzilla.

Later, if Fedora's submission channel for RPMs changes, fedora-submit
can be changed to suit.  The important thing, in my opinion, is to get
a fedora-submit mechanism in place in order to encourage contributions
from people like me who run lots of projects and need scriptable RPM
submission to support that.
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	-- Daniel Webster

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