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Re: i18n issues, was: FC2 release

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:49 am, Alan Cox wrote:
> Does that mean that by mid December we can be thinking about getting the
> lost translations (for non install stuff) rolling out as or with errata,
> since Fedora doesn't have the errata restrictions RHEL does ?

I may not be interpreting the question correctly Alan sorry, so do you mean 
translations that have been committed for redhat-config-* but not picked up 
in the rpm for the application?

I think Pedro's suggestion of specifying a date for package maintainers to 
update their package is a reasonable solution, but I too have concerns about 
the workload this would generate.  Using cvs watch on the po/* files has been 
an effective way for me to track as translations get updated, so that is one 
way to know whether a rebuild is required.


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