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Re: regarding: Anyone else interested in graphics?

Hey all,

Anyone interested in artwork, graphics, UI, or anything else desktop-related should sign up for fedora-desktop-list.

I talked to Havoc and Brent about it yesterday and had fedora-desktop-list set up, as fedora-list, fedora-test-list, and fedora-devel-list are a little too high traffic for serious desktop-related discussions (except possibly something absolutely major, of which I have no real examples).

Everything talked about in this thread would be perfect for the new desktop list! See you there. (:

More info about the list:


Pedro Morais wrote:

Em Quinta 06 Novembro 2003 23:46, David Farning escreveu:

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 17:29, Steven Garrity wrote:

Michael S. Fivis wrote:
> Are there other people on this list deeply interested in doing 2D
> graphical work for fedora? (wallpapers, handling, icons, etc)?
> michaelfivis verizon net  Should start a forum or our own list of

some > sort.

I am interested in helping out in these areas. I am a designer for a web
development firm but have an interested in UI, window, and icon design.
I also have some talented help from some co-workers in these areas.

Do you have any particular work in mind?

Steven Garrity

I would have to give a +1 to a consistent look and feel across the
config suit. Granted it is not glamorous, but it would be nice!

A big +1. Also, maybe not graphics related, better gnome style guide adherance.

Dave Farning

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