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Re: FC2 release dates

> I should mention here my concept of Fedora leadership.  I don't
> believe that leadership by appointment works very well, at least
> in this context.  My intention for Fedora leadership is that
> we'll be *recognizing* people who are already acting as the
> leaders in the community.  Not necessarily the people who have
> the most to say all the time (<grin>) but the ones who lead
> by action, and whose goals as expressed in their actions are
> aligned with our goals, the statement of which is available at
> http://fedora.redhat.com/about/objectives.html and which we expect
> to refine over time.

This is good to hear. Better than appointing, you're definitely correct.
I think nominations for people worthy of recognition might be useful.
B/c, as you said, you've been busy and might not have noticed people who
have been having an effect. I have a few people in the back of my head
who deserve high praise for putting up with a fair bit of abuse, many of
them at red hat. :)

> I want to be clear that Red Hat will be bringing some clear objectives
> to the table for this discussion.  I'll say right away that a 2.6
> kernel as soon as possible has at least three reasons that we care about:
>  o  We have a LOT of end users urgently requesting it.
>  o  Linus has asked us to do a 2.6-kernel-default distribution
>     absolutely ASAP, and his request carries significant weight.
>  o  Red Hat has an interest in doing a distribution with a 2.6
>     kernel from the standpoint of our work on our Enterprise
>     products.

All of those are pressing points and well understood, my only argument
for delaying a bit is to try and include gnome 2.6. - As Jef Spaleta
mentioned on irc - a cool release name is FC2(.6) ;)

I know a month is a long time in free software but from the avg life
cycle of linux 2.2->2.4->2.6 it won't be a very long in the linux
2.6->2.8 cycle. Getting gnome 2.6 would mean more gnome testing and
that's got to be helpful for RHEL, as well.

my thoughts, worth whatever they're worth.


> HTH,
> michaelkjohnson
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