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Re: RPM submission script

On Friday 07 November 2003 12:22, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Not using bugzilla is a MAJOR step backwards.  I can't speak for
> other projects out there, however bugzilla ultimately is present
> firstly for developers and engineers actively working on the
> distribution first and foremost, and is available to others such
> as end users, testers, etc. second to that.
> Any changes to bugzilla which make the job of engineers _more_
> difficult, or require more work on the part of engineers and
> other developers, means that the bug tracking solution is no
> longer doing its job adequately.
> Any change made to make things easier for users/testers
> absolutely must not have an opposite effect of making things more
> difficult for engineers/developers, or it wont be seen in good
> light.

Hrm, I didn't think that this was an attempt to replace Bugzilla, only 
make it a slight bit easier to manage.  I fail to see how this 
email-gateway thing will make things more difficult for the engineer.  
It's mostly a way to make things easier for the end-user to file the 
bug.  Perhaps I'm not looking at the picture big enough, but isn't this 
just a method to get the initial information into the bugzilla system, 
and afterwhich the user/developer can use the web interface for 
anything else necessary?

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