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Re: i18n issues, was: FC2 release

Pedro Morais wrote:
Another "acessibility" issue is internationalization; the current process isn't bad at all, but could be improved. I was unfortunately very busy during this beta period (only managed to follow the mailling lists and update portuguese translations), so I can't really complain, but I kept i18n stats at 100% at almost all tims, and certainly at the freeze point I'm sure that only the anaconda docs has a couple of untranlated, and still there are powerdown messages in english (in the middle of portuguese messages, so it's not a "too late for i18n issue") and, even worse, up2date/rhn_register is half translated/half in english.

Clearly there's room for improvement.

Yes, and I'm here to help translating things to Brazilian Portuguese too :) Internationalization is much important... I wanted to help because every time I used RH and pick up the Brazilian Portuguese language for the system, I ended up with lots of Portuguese (From Portugal) mixed with Brazilian Portuguese. They are both Portuguese, but they have lots of diferences, mainly in tech words.


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