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Re: RPM submission script

Le ven 07/11/2003 à 22:54, seth vidal a écrit :
> On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 16:43, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > seth vidal <skvidal phy duke edu>:
> > > > Not a problem.  I'll just specify that the input is expected to be
> > > > UTF-8 and screw all that multibyte crap.  World's going that
> > > > direction anyway.
> > > 
> > > ugh - a lot of data in rpms is not utf-8 happy. Often in latin-1 or
> > > beyond that in the encoding.
> > 
> > Again, that's OK.  The stuff in the message doesn't include the RPM itself, 
> > One of the fields is optionally an associated-file-resource URL that could
> > *point* at an RPM, but that's a different matter.
> no I mean things like:
> descriptions
> vendor names
> packager names
> summaries
> filenames
> shall I continue? :)

Ville Skyttä can tell you how people with non-ascii names feel about
UTF-8. He's been actively converting the JPackage spec files to UTF-8
since we agreed on it (I must admit I like UTF-8 but I certainly can not
match Ville's zeal).

UTF-8 is not the problem. Hanging on 8-bit limited encodings is. The
sooner everything is in i18n-resistant formats like xml and unicode the
better I'll feel.

I was quite amused about the FC1 comment on UTF-8 change problems. For
most non-US people  the move to UTF-8 was/is just wonderful. If you
think current problems are bad, just try to actually work on a
pre-unicode release using non-ascii encoding.


Nicolas Mailhot

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