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Re: i18n issues, was: FC2 release

Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 19:42, Pedro Morais wrote:
> > And, now that I read the rest of this thread :-) a tracking bug for i18n 
> > issues, similar to the proposed for a11y could be a step in that direction.
> > (If it exists, i'm not aware of it)
> Yes, this is definitely a good idea.  I've created an i18n keyword, but
> right now keywords require bug editing access.  If you want to create a
> tracker, though, then that can be used to populate the keyword from
> eventually.  

Tracking bugs....
here's is my example of what a public tracking bug looks like.


I think a11y and i18n trackers are "good things"{tm} but i don't want to
own those trackers. But if those trackers do get created i want to make
a place for them in the Fedora Triage wiki listings. I just need to make
a space for a collection of tracker bugs. 

And I want to encourage someone invested in a11y and i18n to be the
owner of the associated trackers. It would be very good for someone who
is in a position to make each of those issues a high personal priority
to be the owner of each of those trackers. I'm not that person..i only
attempt to speak english and i like eye-candy too much to be invested in

-jef"netpeep as a11y system monitoring"spaleta

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