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Re: FC2 release dates

On 7 Nov 2003, seth vidal wrote:

> > I want to be clear that Red Hat will be bringing some clear objectives
> > to the table for this discussion.  I'll say right away that a 2.6
> > kernel as soon as possible has at least three reasons that we care about:
> >  o  We have a LOT of end users urgently requesting it.
> >  o  Linus has asked us to do a 2.6-kernel-default distribution
> >     absolutely ASAP, and his request carries significant weight.
> >  o  Red Hat has an interest in doing a distribution with a 2.6
> >     kernel from the standpoint of our work on our Enterprise
> >     products.
> All of those are pressing points and well understood, my only argument
> for delaying a bit is to try and include gnome 2.6. - As Jef Spaleta
> mentioned on irc - a cool release name is FC2(.6) ;)
> I know a month is a long time in free software but from the avg life
> cycle of linux 2.2->2.4->2.6 it won't be a very long in the linux
> 2.6->2.8 cycle. Getting gnome 2.6 would mean more gnome testing and
> that's got to be helpful for RHEL, as well.

It would be nice to have at least one release where the kernel 2.6 may be 
optional. Arjan's test kernels for RH9 (or rather Rawhide) fits into this 
scheme. Enlarging the test-group without sacrificing too many (all?)
people ;)

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