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Re: i18n issues, was: FC2 release

> I may not be interpreting the question correctly Alan sorry, so do you mean 
> translations that have been committed for redhat-config-* but not picked up 
> in the rpm for the application?

The other category that needs addressing is stuff which is horribly
visible and down to a complete mess having been made during Fedora 1.
However it happened doesn't really matter now but one errata urgently
needed is redhat-menus because people fixed languages during Fedora beta 1
moaned they hadn't been updated in beta 2 and again in beta 3 and they
are still missing in FC1, making the most critical part of the entire desktop
English in those languages.

It completely ruins the internationalisation when the root menu translations
are still missing. 

That would be a *great* starting point for fixing the i18n problems in
Fedora IMHO.


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