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About fonts on Fedora


I have installed Fedora Core on my laptop. And I noticed that fonts
weren't so nice (not so bad, but not perfect).

So, I went to the preferences and tried to use subpixel smoothing. It
didn't change things very much. It was even a little worse.

I guess that's the reason why, even if you selected an LCD screen at
install time, Fedora doesn't use subpixel smoothing.

But then I modified my /etc/fonts/local.conf to set Bitstream Vera fonts
the default. And that brought me slightly better fonts. I then tried to
enable subpixel smoothing on those Vera fonts. And the result was
awesome ! The fonts were simply perfect. Not blury at all, not too thin.

So my question is: wouldn't it better to _use_ Vera fonts by default
and, if you set them by default, woldn't it better to enable subpixel
smoothing for laptops ?
Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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