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Re: RPM submission script

> Ville Skyttä can tell you how people with non-ascii names feel about
> UTF-8. He's been actively converting the JPackage spec files to UTF-8
> since we agreed on it (I must admit I like UTF-8 but I certainly can not
> match Ville's zeal).
> UTF-8 is not the problem. Hanging on 8-bit limited encodings is. The
> sooner everything is in i18n-resistant formats like xml and unicode the
> better I'll feel.

That's what I'm talking about.

When you try to force latin-1 or other encodings into utf-8 you end up
losing characters.

So a fun example:
take the Description field of cups and try to encode it in utf-8.

the (R) next to UNIX is the latin-1 (R) as one byte so you end up having
to drop the character entirely Unless you provide a mapping, for every
existent encoding.


That's my point.

so mandating utf-8 is great, if you also do it in rpm spec files, and
filenames, etc, etc, etc.


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