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Re: RPM submission script

> Maybe you'd better.  You're not making any sense to me, which could mean
> either that you are being stupid, or that I am being stupid, or that we
> are talking right past one another.  We'd better figure out which :-).

> One of the fields handed to the CGI may be a URL pointing to an RPM.
> It seems to me that the encoding of strings *in the RPM* is not an issue at
> all for bug-bugzilla.  Only the contents of the fields in the job card
> is an issue.  I don't understand why the requirement that those be UTF-8
> should ever be onerous. 

b/c the content you're providing may well be data that is in an rpm
header or in the output of rpm -qi somepkg.

as the example I gave to Nicholas, rpm -qi cups - read the description
field, note the (R), notice that's it is 1 character, not 3.

your program can force the conversion and replace the characters outside
the 128 range with ?, but in the case of filenames that are using
non-utf-8 encoding you WILL lose some data.

That's all I'm saying.

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