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Re: FC2 release dates

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> Chris Ricker wrote:
> > I think if marketing were a driving concern for this project, a more 
> > marketable name for releases than "Fedora Core" would have been chosen. I 
> > have a classful of students here who just watched me install it. Comments, 
> > in order, on watching it boot for the first time:
> Now, I could probably argue that there is quite a lot of room in this process to implement
> 'a lessons learned' phase where we sit back and constructively try to navel gaze about how
> certain decisions were good or bad or worth reconsidering. But I'm not
> going to argue for anything like that till at least FC3. And I'm not
> going to even try to imply that 'Core' is bad till we see 'Extras /
> Alternatives' media out in the wild to complicate things.
> I'd rather not fight battles over decisions already made just yet...when
> there are so many important decisions yet to make. I'm going to
> concentrate on making sure the remaining decisions are as multi-facted,
> win-win, opportunity advantageous as possible.  

You're missing my point. Criteria which should be used for decisions are the 
ones which are important to the project. I don't see marketability as being 
an important criteria here. The naming is just one evidence of that....

As such, release dates should be based on real criteria which actually
matter to the project, not on unimportant factors like ease of marketing

> -jef"someone didn't catch my song quote reference..oh well"spaleta

I got it. It wasn't applicable.


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