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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander (maxka myrealbox com) said: 
> 	<http://people.ucsc.edu/~maxka/fhp/>
> 	I expect that to be a very temporary location -- the space may
> disappear any day now.
> 	Let me know if anybody else has any more ideas, now that we've got them
> in a more manageable and organized form.

Random comments from looking over it for the first time...

Storing brand names is a pain, as there will be 4000 branding variants
of a particular device. (Video cards are a classic example, there are
5000 ways to spell out GeForce2).  When you have large amounts of
user data like this, you'll need a good way to go through and
verify all the submissions for typos, variations in spelling, 
variations in wording, etc. Otherwise the list can become

Having a system card URL can lead to privacy concerns.

One of the issues you'll have to deal with is only presenting
to the user the 'interesting' hardware. In general, the user
isn't going to be able to diagnose efficiently enough to the
hardware tool whether or not their PCI bridge works. On the
other end, when you deal with something like a hard drive, there
are 4000 models, most all of which work exactly the same.

One comment made:
 "HWBrowser seems to make sense of hardware data somehow -- is there
 a way to get data out of it? Who's the maintainer of hwbrowser?"

hwbrowser just calls libkudzu; that data is easily available.


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