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RE: ReiserFS in Anaconda?

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 22:22, Ro wrote:
> Could it "also" be because ReiserFS is heavily supported by SuSE, RH's main
> competitor? Or am I out of line on that statement? 

SuSe and whoever else also support sendmail, postfix, http, etc.. but
Red Hat still includes them.  Point being? :)

> Don't get me wrong I'm an
> RH (Now Fedora) guy but I've wondered about this matter. I went through the
> RHCE course and in it they mentioned the ReiserFS as being in development.
> Well, we all know that ReiserFS is FAR from being in development... it's
> BEEN out... So I was wondering if someone could objectively answer this
> questions. I am really not trying to make anyone uncomfortable, just
> curious. :-)

It may be out, but doesn't mean it's not stable or stable enough.  I
believe Red Hat would include anything that helps make their distro(s) a
better product, but only as long as it goes through Q/A and passes.  And
if something major as a database or file system has problems, no reason
to include it if your going to have to spend money just to keep trying
to fix the problem it creates and not be able to spend money on
developing new things or helping improve old things.

I'm sure there are better explanations out there, then again maybe I am
way off topic on reasoning, so someone can chime in if I'm off base
and/or wrong.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Do you hear me now?....GOOD!"

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