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RE: ReiserFS in Anaconda?

Well I speak from inexperience, ergo, the reason I am questioning you all. So, my wrap up of this entire thread: I currently have RH 9.0 production Servers and since the Errata will end 'soon' for RH 9.0, I was wondering if moving to Fedora Core 1 would be a smart move. And should I continue with ext3 or perhaps explore other venues.... JFS perhaps. Your input is GREATLY appreciated.






>>On Friday 07 November 2003 20:22, Ro wrote:

>> Well, we all know that ReiserFS is FAR from being in development...

>>it's  BEEN out... So I was wondering if someone could objectively

>>answer this  questions. I am really not trying to make anyone

>>uncomfortable, just  curious. :-)


>Actually we don't know that.  A lot of work is being done on Reiser4,


>little on 3, and the author has stated that he's more concerned with

>feature sets than stability.  Not exactly what I want to hear from my fs

>developer.  Our company gave reiserfs a try a year or 2 back, given it's

>merits then, and everybody was saying it was stable, blah blah.  It led to

>a lot of our customers losing their data when reiser would puke.  We're

>re-evaulating our file system offerings, and at this point, JFS seems to

>be in the lead.

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