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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project

Le sam 08/11/2003 à 04:23, Bill Nottingham a écrit :
> Maxwell Kanat-Alexander (maxka myrealbox com) said: 
> > 	<http://people.ucsc.edu/~maxka/fhp/>
> > 
> > 	I expect that to be a very temporary location -- the space may
> > disappear any day now.
> > 
> > 	Let me know if anybody else has any more ideas, now that we've got them
> > in a more manageable and organized form.
> Random comments from looking over it for the first time...
> Storing brand names is a pain, as there will be 4000 branding variants
> of a particular device. (Video cards are a classic example, there are
> 5000 ways to spell out GeForce2).

However the pci db people have been doing it for years
It's not rocket science : you just print out the entries that have
already associated to the id and/or entries for similar hardware and
people will choose by themselves something that fits.

(you still need someone to manually review stuff however)


Nicolas Mailhot

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