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Final solution: rhfc1 (was: Distags in rpm sort order (yes, versioning again ;))

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 08:02:15PM -0800, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> Previously on this thread
> > > disttag can be:
> > >                       A               B               C
> > > Red Hat Linux 7.3     fdr0.7.3        rh7.3           rh7.3
> > > Red Hat Linux 8.0     fdr0.8.0        rh8.0           rh8.0
> > > Red Hat Linux 9       fdr0.9          rh9             rh9
> > > Fedora Core 1         fdr1            rh9.1           1fdr
> > > Fedora Core 2 test1   fdr1.95         rh9.1.95        1.95fdr

> I'm starting to use something similar in Planet CCRMA, I was previously
> using:
>   rh73 -> rh80 -> rh90
> (so I can't really switch to rh7.3/rh8.0/rh9 at this point)
> And now I'm rebuilding for FC1 with:
>   rh73 -> rh80 -> rh90 -> rhfc1
> Seems to work fine. 

Many 1000 thanks to Fernando. This is the best solution. I forgot that
rpm compares segment-wise and that longer stings are "newer".

I suggest all repos to use Fernando' suggestion, rhfc1, if they are
using rhXX for RHL. Please do use the same disttag for creating a
uniform versioning, .e.g.


Replace ".at" with your own repotag, none, if you don't want one, or
".fr", ".dag", ".che", ".ccrma", ".rb", ".kde4rh" (just suggestions).
Note: the repotag (contrary to the disttag) should not be part of the
rpm ordering, which is why it should come last.

Thank you Fernando, your brain was needed! This ******* thread was
rotting for a month and a half, without anyone (incluing me) using
their brains ...
Axel Thimm physik fu-berlin de

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