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Re: ReiserFS in Anaconda?

Jesse Keating wrote:
Actually we don't know that. A lot of work is being done on Reiser4, and little on 3, and the author has stated that he's more concerned with feature sets than stability. Not exactly what I want to hear from my fs developer. Our company gave reiserfs a try a year or 2 back, given it's merits then, and everybody was saying it was stable, blah blah. It led to a lot of our customers losing their data when reiser would puke. We're re-evaulating our file system offerings, and at this point, JFS seems to be in the lead.

Now I know why. I just didn't know because ther were always rumours here that the reiserfs is not stable enough, etc. But in practise, I use reiserfs a lot on many systems and it never had problems... So I assumed that the unstable thing was only rumours (because you know, ext3 is the "standard", so everyone uses it.) Now I see some real troube with ReiserFS for the first time.

By the way, I think we should test and test it again, to see if can include to choose in the installation without telling the lilo prompt the argument "reiserfs". It'll be no "default" file system, but another file system for users to test.


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