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Re: TradeMarked Name --redhat-config-

seth vidal wrote:

Do you worry about contributing to gnu-cc ?

I do understand the point you are trying to make but its GPL code and so
you can either rename it or not worry about it (Red Hat ships gnu-cc, nothing
stops other folks shipping redhat-config-blah really as I understand it).

Well I know this sounds silly, but, in the case of yum people use it on non-redhat platforms. I'd actually feel bad telling them 'yah you need this red hat specific library, named rhpl' in order to use it.

putting the name of a commercial vendor in the library name is kinda
'blah' anyway.

(this, of course coming from the guy who wrote yellowdog updater,
modified, so I completely understand the hypocrisy) :)
but to be honest most people miss the yellowdog part entirely, for some

I don't think this point is silly, naming something is an important issue ;) There are lots of Linux distributions, imagine that every distribution will begin to write programs and name them distro-program... Not good.

Mainly because everyone will try to create their versions of the program (they are GPL'ed for example, so it's easy), and in some time, there will be many programs that do the same thing, but with different names.

Or worse, the distributions will not use the applications because they're from specific vendors... This sucks. Linux is a community, creating the programs and giving them generic names will attract every distribution to take the program, analyze it, do some modifications if needed (good feedback to the author) and implement in their distribution. This is the way to go IMHO.


[]'s Hugo

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