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Re: Warren' rejection of cooperation with other repos

On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 16:09:51 +0100, tony wrote:

> Le sam 08/11/2003 à 15:48, Michael Schwendt a écrit :
> > "Crusade" is the wrong term, IMO. Fedora.us started as a vision. A vision
> > to serve the Red Hat Community with add-on packages from a single
> > repository which would make it easy for users to find additional software.
> Now that Fedora is also a Redhat repository does this mean that mp3,
> xine with decss, mplayer etc. etc. will be found there too? I think that
> we will still need to go elsewhere to get the rpms that put the
> finishing touch on any modern multimedia desktop OS.

Software with licensing and patenting issues is an exception, of course,
due to legal requirements of the Fedora Project.

Such software was removed from fedora.us and has been taken over by the
people at rpm.livna.org who aim at staying fully compatible with fedora.us
and who are working on setting up separate infrastructure, such as a
bugzilla system and build server.


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