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Re: rpm.livna.org

On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 13:00:43 -0500, Jonathan C. Sitte wrote:

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> Jonathan C. Sitte wrote:
> | Rejection of scheme? Does that mean his rpms are not using the scheme
> | that was agreed upon? If there was one that was agreed upon in the first
> | place...
> The reason that I am asking is the fact that if he rejects the scheme
> than I will possibly make my own rpms then. I thought it would be nice
> to use his if the repository was using the correctly agreed scheme. It
> is really easy to stop using that repos. Remove the rpm xmms-mp3 and
> remove it from yum.conf. Heh. No skin off my back. This seems odd that
> there is so much fragmentation with the rpm issue.

Ehm, what are you talking of? I'm afraid I don't understand anything
of this. Please rephrase. "Rejection of scheme"? ...? Fragmentation?
Where do you see problems?

Practically, rpm.livna.org would not need to adhere to any package
versioning scheme at all. But its current 0.lvn.%{vepoch}.%{disttag}
scheme looks good and is beneficial.


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