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Re: TradeMarked Name --redhat-config-

> "Ximian" of "Ximian Evolution" is also a trademark, as is "Linux" 
> itself.  Are people going to jump ship and use the GNU Hurd 
> kernel now because these are trademarked?

curiously enough it is not called ximian evolution in the menus,
although it used to be.

> Please people, with all due respect...  get a life.  ;o)
> Write some code, and contribute it.  Improve the morass of open
> source code out there, and make all of our lives better.

 I have written some code, I have made some people's lives better, I
think. So let me ask a few questions:
  - If I were to use the Novell-Python-Libraries that were under a
non-renaming but open license and require them for yum would your
marketing and license people like that advertisement for your
  - What about naming yum redhat-config-packages-tui - could I do that?
OR would I have lawyers up my butt in 30 minutes?

I think some clarification would be good and I also think that there is
no need for telling people to get a life. They're confused about this
issue as I am, and b/c they are not lawyers we'd love to have some
clarification. B/c of the trademark issue people are afraid of running
afoul of red hat's lawyers, I know I am.


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