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Re: TradeMarked Name --redhat-config-

> redhat is not a trademark.  Red Hat is, and so are the logos.  Those,
> that Red Hat needs to protect, are in separate packages, whose
> licenses are not the GNU GPL.  My understanding is that those that
> *are* GPLed can't be encumbered with trademark, just like they can't
> be encumbered by patents.  But then, IANAL, so my understanding may be
> off.
> > GPL should protect you perhaps.
> I'm convinced it does, for packages that are indeed released under the
> GNU GPL.  This is not the case of fedora-logos or anaconda-images,
> since their license is not the GNU GPL.  But then again, IANAL.

Does the GPL protect you?

not sure it does. Do any of the people who might want to help out want
have the money to find out if it protects you? I don't.

But let's drop this as a trademark issue and bring up a more solid
point, if there are new tools written by !red hat people why would this
programs be named redhat-config-something.

For that matter why fedora-config-something as 'fedora' JUST fedora is a
TM of red hat.

config-something seems fine to me, but somebrand-config-something seems


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