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Waste of time... (aka. Trademarks)


Why is that whenever I've looked in my Inbox this weekend it has been
full of this trademark crap.  I've read over some of the messages, but I
think I can speak for many people when I say: just get off it.

Many of the large and small companies who contribute to opensource have
patents, trademarks, etc... but they are used in a way that they are not
a nuisance to developers or users.  They have spent time and money to
fund this 'Free Software' we use today and its time some of you
ungrateful pricks realize this and move on.

Fedora Core 1 was just released, and there is plenty to be done before
the next release.  And there are plenty of bugs left out there that the
community could help with, so could attention please be refocused to the
issues this list and project were meant to involve?


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