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Re: Waste of time... (aka. Trademarks)

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 14:39, Stan Bubrouski wrote:
> Hey,
> Why is that whenever I've looked in my Inbox this weekend it has been
> full of this trademark crap.  I've read over some of the messages, but I
> think I can speak for many people when I say: just get off it.

Let me ask this - if you were worried about being sued for Trademark
infringement would you want this ironed out now, or later?

> Many of the large and small companies who contribute to opensource have
> patents, trademarks, etc... but they are used in a way that they are not
> a nuisance to developers or users.  They have spent time and money to
> fund this 'Free Software' we use today and its time some of you
> ungrateful pricks realize this and move on.

Oh, but what about when I spent my time and no money to develop software
that red hat uses, should they stop being ungrateful pricks and realize
I am owed something? Oh, wait, I'm not owed anything, I chose to release
it under a license which said no one owes me anything.

> Fedora Core 1 was just released, and there is plenty to be done before
> the next release.  And there are plenty of bugs left out there that the
> community could help with, so could attention please be refocused to the
> issues this list and project were meant to involve?

Yep, and a lot of us want to make sure we're going to be contributing in
such a way that 1. will make it possible for others not associated with
red hat to use it and 2. won't cause us to be victim of a lawsuit.


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