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Re: Waste of time... (aka. Trademarks)

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 14:56, seth vidal wrote:
> Let me ask this - if you were worried about being sued for Trademark
> infringement would you want this ironed out now, or later?

If you're so paranoid then join another project or work it out with RH
personally.  They do have lawyers you can talk to.

> Oh, but what about when I spent my time and no money to develop software
> that red hat uses, should they stop being ungrateful pricks and realize
> I am owed something? Oh, wait, I'm not owed anything, I chose to release
> it under a license which said no one owes me anything.

Yeah and so did thousands of other people who aren't on this list
whining about trademarks.  RH answered your questions, if your not
satisfied take this up with them personally.

> Yep, and a lot of us want to make sure we're going to be contributing in
> such a way that 1. will make it possible for others not associated with
> red hat to use it and 2. won't cause us to be victim of a lawsuit.

You and your cohorts can take this up with RH personally, despite how
you feel, development goes on, and this is the development list, not a
trademark list.


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