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FC1 APT repo on fedora.us is hosed

Trying to update from FCtest2 to FC1 using APT with download.fedora.us
appears to be impossible.

the repo layout transitioned to RPMS.{os,updates,etc...} and
SRPMS.{os,updates,etc...} yet the base/{pkglist,srclist}.* files rely on
the old naming scheme; e.g os rather than RPMS.os

SO.. in the end when using these entries in sources.list:

rpm http://download.fedora.us/ fedora/fedora/1/i386 RPMS.os RPMS.updates
rpm-src http://download.fedora.us/ fedora/fedora/1/i386 SRPMS.os SRPMS.updates

I get messages like:
Failed to fetch http://download.fedora.us/fedora/fedora/1/i386/base/pkglist.RPMS.os  404 Not Found
Failed to fetch http://download.fedora.us/fedora/fedora/1/i386/base/pkglist.RPMS.updates  404 Not Found

So it would seem like the fedora.us APT infrastructure has been left out
in the cold; will the fedora.us APT repo continue to be maintained?

Are there other APT'ified FC1 repos I should try out?

Please advise, thanks!

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