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Re: FC1 APT repo on fedora.us is hosed

Le lun 10/11/2003 à 00:34, Mike Snitzer a écrit :
> rpm http://download.fedora.us/ fedora/fedora/1/i386 RPMS.os RPMS.updates
                                                      ^^^^^   ^^^^^
> rpm-src http://download.fedora.us/ fedora/fedora/1/i386 SRPMS.os SRPMS.updates
                                                          ^^^^^^   ^^^^^^
'RPMS.' 'SRPMS.' must not appear in the config file. So you should have
something like : 
rpm http://download.fedora.us/fedora fedora/1/i386 os updates

You can also add 'stable', 'testing' and 'unstable' components.
If you wants some add-ons (media players..) you can also use
http://rpm.livna.org/ repository

> will the fedora.us APT repo continue to be maintained?


         Dams Nadé
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