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Re: TradeMarked Name --redhat-config-

>> I'm convinced it does, for packages that are indeed released under the
>> GNU GPL.  This is not the case of fedora-logos or anaconda-images,
>> since their license is not the GNU GPL.  But then again, IANAL.

On Nov  9, 2003, seth vidal <skvidal phy duke edu> wrote:

> Does the GPL protect you?

> not sure it does.

I don't believe this is any different from patents.  If you release
GPLed code that builds upon patents you own, you cannot sue anyone for
patent violation because, by the GPL, you cannot impose any further
restrictions on the distribution of the software.  I don't see that
with trademarks this would be any different.

Hmm...  On second thought, maybe this limitation doesn't apply to the
copyright holder, only to redistributors?  At this point, I have to
claim again that IANAL and leave it at that :-)

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