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Re: ReiserFS in Anaconda?

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 10:22:53PM -0600, Ro wrote:
> Could it "also" be because ReiserFS is heavily supported by SuSE, RH's main
> competitor? Or am I out of line on that statement? Don't get me wrong I'm an
> RH (Now Fedora) guy but I've wondered about this matter. I went through the
> RHCE course and in it they mentioned the ReiserFS as being in development.
> Well, we all know that ReiserFS is FAR from being in development... it's
> BEEN out... So I was wondering if someone could objectively answer this
> questions. I am really not trying to make anyone uncomfortable, just
> curious. :-)

There is plenty of technology in the kernel developed by our competitors
as well as technology developed by us; that's simply not a factor.

1) We do have strong in-house expertise in ext3, and it is a good
   general-purpose filesystem, so it's a good default.
2) We disagree with Hans about the importance of data portability --
   we think that you should be able to have both forward and backward
   data portability.  When Hans changes filesystem format, there has
   historically eventually been a tool to migrate you forward, but
   if you don't like it you are stuck.

NEITHER OF THESE is intended to bash Hans.  He just has different
priorities and makes different tradeoffs than we believe are appropriate
for our technology.


 "He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book."
 Linux Application Development                     -- Ben Franklin

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