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Re: Much faster? i18n? tls?

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Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

>>>Was tweaking with the grep patch, and also tracking another
>>>thread in another list, which was showing how on Red Hat 9 a
>>>simple text intensive program (called hspell) is much slower than
>>>Red Hat 8, and investigations have shown so far that it's all
>>>caused by /lib/tls.  Switching to /lib/i686 makes things go much
>>>faster.  Any idea?  And it's not a multi-threaded application.

I doubt that going with the /lib/i686 version makes it faster.  In fact,
the TLS code should be between 5-10% faster.

>>>[behdad mces behdad]$ time sed -e 's/./x/g' /bin/ls > /dev/null
>>>real    0m4.248s
>>>user    0m3.800s
>>>sys     0m0.000s
>>>[behdad mces behdad]$ time LANG=C sed -e 's/./x/g' /bin/ls > /dev/null
>>>real    0m0.180s
>>>user    0m0.050s
>>>sys     0m0.000s
>>>[behdad mces behdad]$

That's expected.  UTF-8 handling is complicated.  And we do have special
support for single-byte encodings.  You should be happy about that.

Having this said, we might have some speedups for the regex code at some
point.  Speedups specifically for UTF-8.  If you want to see this
sooner, get out your editor and start hacking regex.

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