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Re: kernel with swsusp

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 19:50, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le lun 10/11/2003 à 20:33, Rui Miguel Seabra a écrit :
> > I'd rather check for a backport than jump into the 2.6 world right now.
> > I have absolutely no suspend: this is an acpi only laptop, and S3 does
> > nothing on it.
> Not to mention suspend on 2.6 is not really ready now (last time I
> chacked there were three ! different implementations competing)

Well, swsusp seems to be working right enough on 2.6 (yes, I dared), but
I had to come back: natsemi not working == !eth == BAD BAD!

> OTOH, there are loads of stuff available in 2.6 that people have been
> awaiting for ages (alsa, ipsec, acls, xfs, sane cd burning, dm, udev...)
> At this point fedora devel should switch to 2.6 asap to get it ready for
> FC2. 2.4 enhancements seem more a job for the legacy project now.

I think so. Most of the things I like on RedHat's (now Fedora's) kernel
is that it has cool things backported to the stable kernel. With 2.6
they're there, but 2.6 needs heavy testing.

Before I noticed I had no eth, I tested swsusp and acpi which seemed to
be fine. Then I went for alsa, when I remembered I didn't have the
required utils, and when I tried to fetch them DUH no net.

Basically, natsemi loads, the interface gets up, but I see no packets
going on with tcpdump except for me who-has'ing the net for my home gw.

Hugs, Rui

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