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Re: Much faster? i18n? tls?

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Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> I've already seen the thread on LKML with Linus which I assume
> solves this problem.

If any code needed that specific patch, make sure the author never
touches a keyboard again and rewrite the code.  No production code
should ever be affected by that change in any noticeable way.

> Sure, but UTF-8 is not such a hard thing to handle.

Then do it.

> I would definitely do.  I'm afraid the problem is not UTF-8
> itself, but other legacy multi-byte ones.  I mean, may it be that
> special support for UTF-8 may be needed...

No legacy encoding is of any interest.  If we add any special encoding
optimization this will be only and exclusively for UTF-8.  It's the only
encoding one needs.

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