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State of OpenOffice.org in Fedora


Yes, that I am.  I have already integrated the Red Hat patchset from OOo
1.1 into the gnome.org 'openoffice' module, which many of you would know
by another name, OpenOffice.org Ximian Edition.

Michael Meeks, the OOo developer for Ximian, has been working with Chris
Halls of the Debian project for a while to build an infrastructure in
Gnome.org CVS around OOo, and I have now joined that effort.  This
effort will provide, as Ximian has for a while, advanced patches that
are not yet upstream but are ones users should have.

While all the patches that are in the Red Hat OOo 1.1.0-x series are
already integrated, I am still working on the install and RPM packaging
steps.  However, in the near future Red Hat OOo packages for Fedora will
be functionally similar to OOo Ximian edition.  I hope this effort
between Red Hat, Ximian, Debian, and others serves to provide users with
a much more functional and well-integrated version of OpenOffice.org. 
Also note that this is definitely not a fork of OOo, and all patches in
gnome.org CVS for openoffice will be upstreamed sooner or later.


On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 12:58, seth vidal wrote: 
> > What about OpenOffice ? Any chance to have a Ximian-ised OpenOffice in
> > Fedora Core 2 ?
> I think Dan Williams is currently Captain OpenOffice at RH - might be
> worth getting his input.
> -sv
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