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Question regarding Fedora / PPC support

I am looking to get involved with helping to test / possibly
assist in rolling out Fedora releases on PPC based hardware.  In
looking around there does not appear to be ISOs of the current
content of Rawhide for installing.  

I know that this is not really the best list to ask this on,
but most of the users who are on the fedora-list redhat com
mailing list aren't really doing this, and to this point haven't
been able to give me any pointers.  I guess my questions thus far

1. What are people who are testing / developing for PPC based
hardware doing to bootstrap an installation of Fedora?
2. Are there any documents out there right now that discuss this?
if not, I'd be more than happy to throw some together once I have
got this worked out.

Thanks for your time!

Kind Regards,
Christopher M. Smith
Key ID: 0x44D59911
Fingerprint: C1A0 EBC3 B036 8037 B4FC  2108 537E A50D 44D5 9911

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