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Self Introduction: Paul Nasrat

Name: Paul Nasrat
Location: London, UK
Profession: Package monkey/sysadmin/developer
Company: undisclosed


Working with Fedora to ensure quality packages, timely updates, etc. I'm
intrested in build systems and automation.

Packages I want to see published - synaptics driver which I will submit
one of these days.  Happy and have done some QA and also bug triaging at

Historical Qualifications:

Developer on ELKS (particularly the SIBO port)
JPackage Project member
fedora ppc interests

I potter with python, C and java.

Why trust me - hopefully my track record helps, and I'm pretty
enthusiastic and helpful, occasionally I have clue too.

Ob GPG stuff:

pub  1024D/831FFBCA 2003-02-21 Paul Nasrat <pauln truemesh com>
     Key fingerprint = 9693 1E2A 30A0 9E24 708E  DC98 E618 76E8 831F FBCA
sub  1024g/0653AAB4 2003-02-21


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