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Re: Question regarding Fedora / PPC support

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 08:58:59PM -0500, Christopher M. Smith wrote:
> 1. What are people who are testing / developing for PPC based
> hardware doing to bootstrap an installation of Fedora?

Currently there have been two different approaches - install YDL (3.0.1
iso's hitting mirrors) and yum up to rawhide.  Or what I did which was
to install fedora into a clean chroot from a minimal environment.  There
are a few gotchas to a full fedora tree working - mainly missing
packages (mac specific stuff such as pdisk, pmac-utils), a broken
depends (ppc64-utils for mkinitrd) and fedora-release.  As Bill
mentioned as far as an anaconda build goes the kernel is the big issue.
I've built the boot.iso using anaconda, but not managed to test yet.

Other main issue is a mozilla optimisation issue on ppc - needs to be
built with -O0 - oneline spec change.  There are also a set of OOo
patches.  Check through fedora-test-list and fedora-devel-list archives
for ppc.

> 2. Are there any documents out there right now that discuss this?
> if not, I'd be more than happy to throw some together once I have
> got this worked out.

No there aren't.  However Dan Burcaw from TerraSoft has a set of patches
which he's going to publish - they probably will correspond to what I
and others have done manually.

Other than that all the work is already in anaconda and rawhide is built
for ppc.  The main other thing is configuration - ensuring
redhat-config-xfree86 sets up correctly.

Btw I'm using a g3 ibook2.  Others have access to meatier equipment.
I'd be intrested in looking at the 64/32 bit environment as I believe
the amd64 people have found some intresting annoyances with hybrid
environments so there is some clean up to do (should ppc64-utils
requires 64 bit libc, etc).

Dan has kindly setup a list which is quiet atm, but an attempt to
collate those contributing rather than fragmented efforts:



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