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Fedora Triage: where things are at.

On a completely different topic...the full (but tiny, and I'm going to
start targeting people to create some useful information for the triage
effort..soon) universe of Fedora Triage knowledge awaits you at:

To recap where things stand:
There are about 56 'make cambridge not suck blockers' left

We are experimenting with building public tracking bugs as a way the
community can classify bugs so developers can run simple searches
instead of trolling through open bugs. My current example is the
EasyFix tracking bug. Which is an attempt to group the bug reports that
have trivial fixes or have attached community provided patches.
The hope is that when developers have a few minutes to work on low
priority bugs...they have a way to quickly find the easily fixable ones
so they don't waste their spare time trolling through the 'zilla.

Another community tool we are experimenting with is the use of
'triage->reason' as a formatted comment string. Examples you can
search for now are:
triage->duplicate  #bugnumber

There are of course more variants on the 'triage->' theme but I'd like
to come up with a reasonably short and more importantly consistantly
used list, if developers find querying against 'triage->reason' useful.

-jef"coffee it is"spaleta

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