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Anaconda LVM and file system size limitations

I just set up a system with a 1.4 TB RAID (on a 3Ware 7500-8), and
have run into some limitations of Anaconda.  It seems that it is
not possible to set up an LVM physical volume or volume group larger
than 1 TB, nor to create ext3 (or jfs) filesystems larger than 1 TB.

These limits seem to be hardcoded in fsset.py, in multiple lines like
    aelf.maxSizeMB = 1024 * 1024
It's my undertanding that there are problems with filesystems larger
than 2 TB, but it looks like it should be easy to change the Anaconda
limits to a higher value, such as 1536 MB or 1920 MB.  Is there any
known problem with doing so?

If I make these changes to Anaconda, how do I create a modified
Fedora Core 1 binary CD-ROM 1?  I can't even figure out from where
on the CD-ROM Anaconda's Python files are being loaded during the
install process.  I expected them to either be in the base directory
or the initrd, but I don't see them in either place.  Is it actually
getting them from the Anaconda RPM in Fedora/RPMS?

I've tried creating the PV, VG, and LVs from the command line then
installing Fedora Core 1, and Disk Druid does show them correctly.
But after I tell it the mount points it gets an error to the effect that
it couldn't tell the kernel about the sda3 partition (the PV).  There's
an option to ignore the error, but of course the install doesn't work
after that.  I'm hoping that increasing the fsset.py limits will solve
this problem.


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